Mixed Messages - Andrei Tarkovsky QuoteBot

Finished my mixed messages project, a simple script that selects an interesting quote from Andrei Tarkovsky, my favorite director, a film recommendation of his and a new director to investigate. It took about 2 hours of proper work/ git headscratching.

I found the JavaScript itself very easy, although I think my formatting could have been improved and less code used for the functional parts, perhaps I missed some of the purpose of the exercise by not using a for-loop/switch but it just didn’t seem necessary to me. The hardest part of this project was understanding git. I think it will take me a lot more practice before branching/committing becomes easy for me. Is a more handy way of interacting with git functionality than using the console? I understand that the foundations of using the console and command line are important but I think a more interactive/visual GUI would be very helpful for future work using git (beyond early learning foundations and specific more involved cases), I’m sure something like this must exist?

Thanks for reading.