Mixed Messages - An adage, a Yogi Berra quote, and a Powerball pick to start your day

Lots of good implementations of the Mixed Messages project by other members. Great job! I spent quite a bit of time these last couple of weeks working with VS Code, Git/GitHub, and Markdown. I’ve finally decided it was time to tackle the Mixed Messages portfolio project. All feedback, good and bad, is greatly appreciated. I think the code is commented fairly well, and the readme.md is fairly thorough. I made sure to use sound programming techniques, and to leverage as much of the Javascript language as possible (arrays, objects, string/array manipulation, iterators).


I’m only getting 404 - page not found for your project. Perhaps it’s set to private on gitHub?

It sure is. I’ll fix it.

Done. Thanks for letting me know.

Looks good. I like your mix of messages.
Did you purposely set up your strings so you could use the split method? I was wondering why you didn’t set them up as arrays from the start.

Yes, I set them up this way for ease of readability.

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And also to have an excuse to use the split method.

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