Mixed message

I’m almost done with my project. I did it slightly different then the what was asked but nevertheless I have it written up but I have a syntax error that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. This is the git link: https://github.com/berrysm91/Mixed-Messages.git
here is the relevant code:

var movieSelect = math.Floor(math.Random() * array.lengh);

const movieReturn = switch(moviePick) {
    case 'Top Gun':
        return topChar
    case 'Anchorman':
        return anchorChar
    case 'Caddyshack':
        return caddyChar
    case 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High':
        return fastChar

it shows the syntax error at switch but I can’t understand why

const movieReturn = switch(moviePick) {

you can’t store statements in variables so just remove const movieReturn= from the above line.

if you want to store the return value of your function. do that after the function block:

const movieReturn = getQuote()

Note: the break statements are unnecessary here, They will never be reached because return will stop the function, so you can remove them.

case 'Top Gun':
        return topChar //end the function and return topChar
        break;  //unreachable code so just remove it

@enghosamokasha’s suggestion would work. Another option would be to write a proper function. The switch would be inside the function.

const movieReturn = moviePick => {
  switch(moviePick) {
    case etc., etc...

I think I have most of the code nailed down but when I run it I get [Function: getQuote] as the output. the most up to date code is in code3.js in the git repo in the first post

If you want to get the return value of a function you will have to call it first.
console.log( getQuote() ) not console.log( getQuote ) and charReturn() not charReturn.

Also, I didn’t understand the reason for charSelect function, what are you trying to do with it and why did you nest getQuote function inside it?