Mixed Message Project - Video Game Characters


This is my solution to the project. Feedback would be appreciated!
After I learn HTML/CSS, I would like to make a little browser app with the pictures of the characters and better formatting!

Mixed Messages



Great project and great work!

I would recommend creating an array of objects to store all the character traits and their image (when you add this feature).

It could look something like this

let characters = [
    name: "Kratos",
    videoGame: "God of War",
    signature: '"Boy"',
    message: "Don't be sorry, be better!"
    name: "Ellie",
    videoGame: "Last of us",
    signature: '"I'm just a girl, not a threat"',
    message: '"After all we\'ve been through... Everything that I\'ve done, it can\'t be for nothing."'
// and so on...

Then you could index this array

let character = characters[Math.floor(Math.random() * characters.length)];
// and then display it
/// etc.

Just a suggestion. But great project!

Thank you for the suggestion and feedback! :slight_smile:
I will do it this way when I update it.

Kind Regards,