Mixed Message Project - Buddhist Encouragement generator

Hello fellow coders,
I hope you’re well. I just finished the project and I found it within my skill range, so just right. It took me about an hour to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(mixedMessage/script.js at master · blackwidow28/mixedMessage · GitHub)

You’ll need to download the code and run it in your terminal.

Take care
A xx

I like your project! I am a new dev too so I dont really know how to give feedback regarding code, but I think that you did a good job!

Thanks so much, that’s great feedback in my opinion. Take care of yourself. A x

Looks great! I like the constant begin2 that you added in there, I wouldn’t have thought to do that and it would make more sense

Only thing I did differently was create a function to randomly select an element of the array so I can add or remove potential phrases without having to alter anything else, the function looked like this

const randomArrayEntry = (inputArray) => {
var randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * inputArray.length);
return inputArray[randomIndex]}

My project looks like this: mixedMessages/main.js at main · halmass822/mixedMessages · GitHub