Mixed Message Portfolio Project

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I’m suppose my messages aren’t quite as interesting as other people’s but I guess that does make them pretty random. I thought the project wasn’t too hard, there was enough freedom to make it as easy or hard as I wanted. I didn’t finish it all in the same sitting, but it probably took no more than a couple hours in total.
Here’s my repository: GitHub - tyleb/portfolio_projects: Repository for portfolio projects

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Hi @tylerlebovic, and welcome to the community!

Congratulations on the project. It seems you are really getting around Javascript. I hope you are enjoying programming and trying your best of it. Maybe now the projects seem easy and not that complex, but being proud of what you have accomplished until now is always a good thing. Also sharing what you have done with the community can even help you with your programming skills, as we can give you tips and tricks to get better.

For example, I would strongly recommend that you do not use var for variable declarations. As you must have learned by now, var has a lot of problems, as it can be declared anywhere allowing ‘hoisting’ and doesn’t follow scoping in code blocks. Using var is almost deprecated, but is still around to allow web pages before ES6 to still exist on the web. Instead of var use const when you declare a variable that won’t be reassigned. This will help you a lot making your code more ‘elegant’.

Happy coding!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’m sure I’ll probably need to ask questions about future projects so I’m really glad that this forum exists . And I’ll stick to using let and const too so hopefully that’ll help to avoid the problems that you’re describing.

I just finished mine and once I figured out the VSCode set up it only took me about an hour. I also feel like I did something wrong since it seemed so easy aha, but it seems to do what the project asked so I think it’s alright. Here’s mine mixed-messages/script.js at master · MinaBrandy/mixed-messages · GitHub