Mixed Message Portfolio Project: Fact Generator

Hi! This is my program called Fact Generator for the Mixed Message portfolio project. This is my first project that I built on my own local environment. I tried to keep my project simple and easy to dissect because I thought that would best showcase my capability with basic JavaScript Syntax and my productivity with my own local environment. I loved working on this and while the project was not difficult per se, it was exciting to build my first project on my own for people to see!

Currently I am at 15% on the full-Stack Engineer path, and the only language I learned is JavaScript. However, I am inspired by others on this forum and when I learn HTML and CSS, I plan on expanding my program to create an interactive website.

You can navigate to my Fact Generator through the following link:

Please do not hesitate to comment on my project or give me any feedback. I would really appreciate them!

Thank you!!