Mixed Message Music Suggestion generator!

Hi all! I just finished my portfolio project for mixed messages, I had initially skipped this one but I decided to comeback to it and do it.

This app takes in a given input (mood) from a predetermined set of values, returns a random song from one of my favorite indie/rock/emo artists and a short snippet of the song’s lyrics.
It returns a string in the following format: You wanted {mood you inputed} music. Your song is {random song} by {random song's artist}. Some lyrics {small fragment};

Its songs catalogue is limited for now because the process of filling the data for each song is really tedious, but I plan to eventually add more.

It did take me about 6 hours to complete given the extra features i added, all about that on the README file :wink:
The repository name was originally for an async project but I didn’t realize until I was in too deep.
Please feel free to give feedback/suggestions I just started out a few months ago and would really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance!