Mixed Message - Love message

Hi everyone! I just finished the Mixed Message project and I’m here to share the result with you: codecademy/full-stack-path/portfolio-project/mixed-messages at main · NilsonCesar/codecademy · GitHub

The idea was create a random message of love, for birthday or romantic relationship in general. I took three messages that I liked and, in resume, loop in this messages, getting a random letter and adding in the final message.

In this project I understood the importance of creating many functions that help other’s, this really facilities the conception of the project, and help a lot in the process of debug.

I think that has many other’s thing’s to improve in the project, such as the use of pronouns in excess, or the symbols appear in stranger’s places, but it’s just the start!

If you have any review, I will appreciate to read it. Thank’s!