Mixed Message - Greetings, Compliments and Traffic Generator

I had recently completed the Mixed Message Project.
The project itself is not that hard, I had used the elements like Object, Switch Case, Functions, and Template Literals.
I had taken about 5 hours to complete the project, and I intend to expand the functionality after reviewing others’ project.
Here is the link to my project.

Feel free to review my project! Thank you!

Nice program! It is fun that you added the random time :slight_smile:

Now the generateGreets() method doesn’t seem to work. I think you need to use this. E.i: this.days.

To make the program easier to read I would make a method that generates a random element so you don’t need to write
“Math.floor(Math.random() * days.length” so many times :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful!

Yeah, I just found out that I haven’t commit my latest edit with ‘this’ included :rofl:
Thanks for the suggestion!

Haha okey! Easy to forget :grinning: