Mixed Message - Full-Stack developer project- Ask a Genie

Hello! I just finished the Mixed Message project for the Full-stack developer course and I titled it Ask a Genie. It is taking a lot of inspiration from the Magic Eight Ball project but I did change up a few things. JavaScript is not my strong point at all. I have reviewed and reviewed for months and though I feel confident I want to be confident enough to add more complex code to my project. If you have issues with my code or have any advice as to what I can add to it, please say so. Thank you so much for looking at my code.:heart:

let userName = 'place your name here'; userName? console.log (userName): console.log ("Hi there!"); let userQuestion = "place your question here"; console.log (`The user asked:${userQuestion}`); let randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 8); let genie = ''; switch (randomNumber) { case 0: genie = 'Most definitely happening.'; break; case 1: genie = 'I believe so.'; break; case 2: genie = 'I am confused. Try again.'; break; case 3: genie = 'That I can not say'; break; case 4: genie = 'I would not hold my breath.'; break; case 5: genie = 'There may be a 50/50 chance.'; break; case 6: genie = 'Seems tricky to me.'; break; case 7: genie = 'Most definitely not. '; break; } console.log (genie);