Mixed Message (Cards Against Humanity -generator)

This was a fun project. I made a Cards Against Humanity sentence generator.

Cards Against Humanity is a party card game where players complete fill-in-the-blank -sentences… and usually the end results are quite funny (and sometimes quite offensive).

This project also had some challenge since there might be many blanks to fill in the sentence at any position. I wrote a function that attempts to correctly format the word / phrase before adding it to the sentence. There is also a HUGE amount of sentence and word options so this program can generate nearly a limitless amount of funny messages.

Here is an example React app using this module: http://cardsagainsthumanity.surge.sh/


Fun! Please tell me you didn’t type out fillableSentence.js and options.js by hand though. My fingers hurt just thinking about it! :laughing:


Nope. That would have taken forever :grinning:

All the options and sentences were extracted from cah-all-compact.json.

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Well I cannot edit this message anymore to remove the link. If you want to remove it, please do so.

Surge.sh is a site for front end developers where you can easily deploy anything. I made a quick react app using the module and published it to surge.sh to make it easier to see what that module on github does.

Also CodeCademys project ”Jammming” tells the user to publish on Surge also.

This official post lists Surge in the resources section: Web Dev Independent Project #5 – Portfolio Page

That’s good enough for me. Thanks for clarifying.

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