Mixed - Mesages

Hi all,
This is my solution for message mixer with a HTML front:

let animals = [
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a lion’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a dolphin’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a panda’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a swan’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a giraffe’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a wolf’,
‘Congratulations, your spirit animal is a spider’

let traits = [
‘Your main traits are strength, assertiveness and authority’,
‘Your main traits are peace, harmony and endurance’,
‘Your main traits are privacy, strength and positivity’,
‘Your main traits are intuition, serenity and purity’,
‘Your main traits are sincerity, originality and kindness’,
‘Your main traits are intelligence, leadership and courage’,
‘Your main traits are patience, creativity and receptivity’,

let info = [
‘You have the power to overcome immense difficulties and you have a wild side’,
‘You have a playful nature and approach life with a sense of humour and joy’,
‘You can be emotional and feel the need for strong material comfort’,
‘You can predict what lies ahead, pay attention to your intuition’,
‘Your long neck allows you to reach heights above others’,
‘You are a natural leader and have an appetite for freedom’,
‘You are a skilled weaver of intricate webs’

function yourAnimal() {
let randAnimal = Math.floor(Math.random() * animals.length);
let randTrait = Math.floor(Math.random() * traits.length);
let randInfo = Math.floor(Math.random() * info.length);
document.getElementById(‘quoteDisplay’).innerHTML = ${animals[randAnimal]};
document.getElementById(‘quoteDisplay1’).innerHTML = ${traits[randTrait]};
document.getElementById(‘quoteDisplay2’).innerHTML = ${info[randInfo]};