Mixed Jokes Project - messages and images

Hello all,

Posting my **Mixed Messages Project ** - which is actually made up of two projects:

I used also GitHub Pages, because is a nice way to see the projects live:
Mixed Messages - https://firefly08.github.io/MixedMessages/
Mixed Images - https://firefly08.github.io/MixedImages/

It took me some time because I had to learn about how to sync VSC (Visual Studio Code) with Git and GitHub Pages.
I had some problems at the first project (Mixed Messages) with synchronization. When I wanted to sync the files in Git (after the first upload/sync), on VSC I had error that the project is already there and I can’t override it. I had to upload the file manually on Git. On second project instead, everything was OK. I was able to synchronize the project as many times as I wanted. Probably I made something wrong at the first one.

PS. The projects are responsive. Try it!

I hope you enjoyed this projects!