Mix 'n' Match


Could any one help me to solve this program?


for an and statement to be true, both conditions must be true. In several of your statements, the second condition is not true because those two strings "Alpha" and "Bravo" are not equal (they are equal in length, but not the same).


Ok. Then what i have to write in it.


well in Line 7 you have an equal statement with (2 ** 1) or "Alpha" == "Bravo" but you added in = 2 for some reason. You don't have to equal it to anything because it will work out the value of (2**1) itself.


I did understand this. I have created correct values in it. could you please help me to solve this?


Good job on fixing that! Now, your problem is your boolean operator. You need to replace and with or for your bool_two to come out true.


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