Misty's portfolio project

Just finished my portfolio page, though this will be a work in progress as I advance through the program. I tried to build it with Grid but found Flexbox to be much more straightforward. It took me around 2 days to complete. I’m going to continue to work on my media queries and responsive design.
Here’s the site: Misty Orpin: Portfolio
And the repository: GitHub - VinylMisty/portfolio

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I like the site! Especially the layout and the background.
I am still finding it tricky to set the placement of when the user clicks on one of nav bar links and where the page lands (this is confusing to explain)… like the nav bar usually covers up the top part of the destination…

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so normally, i add a blank space over the destination. and have the link directed to that. and so that way, the intended object is displayed at a proper location.

(how, that is hard to explain)

but anyway, it seems like you have that part figured out. So props to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments! You bring up a good point so I did some additional research.
I added:
[id] { scroll-margin-top: 150px; }
Here’s a good article about it: Add scroll margin to all elements which can be targeted - Piccalilli.

I’m still working on the janky responsive issues I’m having and will update as I go.

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Hola Misty.

I like your portfolio, starting with the loading time, super fast!
The choice of colors is soft, and although at first glance I didn’t think it had good contrast, the Google Inspector (Development tools) says it passes the test.
I think it would be very useful to be able to see your projects, not just read that you have done them, especially those related to web development.
In the mobile version, something that would improve is to reduce the size of the photograph somewhat, since it takes up a lot of space, and at the mobile level, space is something to take into account, since there is not much available. Also, the drop-down menu seems nice to me, but it can only be seen at the top of the page, if I scroll down, the menu is lost.
Nice work, keep improving!

Marvelous! Thank you for sharing such a vibrant colored website!