script type="text/javascript" src="!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script


Can you elaborate your statement a bit?


in the file index.html line 4 is missing the "http" .
without this code the "http" does not work in the browser.


This is not a mistake. This is a protocol relative URL. It will work correctly in HTTP and HTTPS protocol.


Beginning developers do not know about it. They copy the html code and js files and it doesn't work.


Still, it's completely fine that they use the protocol relative URL in the exercise. It's not a mistake.

There is a pinned post with the FAQ created by @albionsrefuge where you will find article Bouncing bubbles does not work from my hard drive / offline with instructions how to make it possible to run this code offline, from your filesystem.


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