Mistake in hint? Status Update: 4 Clear out the Status box

This is the code for this hint:
var main = function() { $('.btn').click(function() { var post = $('.status-box').val(); $('<li>').text(post).prependTo('.posts'); $('.status-box').val(''); } }

In the second to last line, should there be a parentheses before the colon so that it looks like this “)}”? The starting parenthesis is after “click” in the second line and I don’t think that other ending parentheses is anywhere else. Or does not having an ending parentheses not matter? Thanks.

Yeah, I have also noticed that.

I have tried deleting the closing parenthesis " ) " which is found on the second to the last line of the hint, and then it passes the test. But I guess, the right code in order to pass the test has to have the closing parenthesis. I was about to report this, but I can’t seem to find any report bug thing below the instructions.
Hope that this one will be fixed asap. Newbies like me will be troubling what’s going on about the code. :smiley:

Yeah same! I just encountered that problem now as well. @moderateurs should look into this.

@systemplayer80880 We’re aware of this typo and are unable to fix it right now.