Mistake in example code


In 9. Nouns and Verbs the example code is presented in a different way then it is taught in 10. Object Syntax.


Could you post a link to the exercise and screenshots please?


Sometimes there are multiply ways to create.

  1. was to show what is possible, 10 you start building object and works towards the example of 9


The mistake is to show the object example code in one format and then to immediately have the student create a object in a different way.


This is '9. Nouns and verbs together'. In this example the provided code provides the short hand way to create and edit a object for the student to learn. This is formally taught later '11. Creating a new object'.


This is the next lesson: '10. Object syntax'. Notice how the lesson guide on the left tells the student how to create a object in a different way and then has them try it.

My point is that '9. Nouns and verbs' together should reflect how the student will do it their first time and should reflect the simple, non-shorthand, way to create a Object that is easier to understand the first time you are introduced to Objects.

I am not confused by this because I already knew it, I do however believe that the course would be more effective if the 9. showed the same way to do it as in 10. the course later teaches the way that 9. does it so this would not remove that way from the course.


Okay, in summer 2017 the course will be renewed, so very rare change that such changes will be made. But i agree that it make sense


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