Missing required parameter: client_id (Jammming project)


I have completed up to step 95 with the Jammming project. When the instructor performs a search at the 2:06:34 mark, he gets results back from Spotify, whereas I get a Missing required parameter: client_id message.

I watched the from ** Obtain a Spotify Access Token** (Step 74) and onwards over, and everything seems to be correct. I doubled check Step 83, where the client ID and redirect URI variables are assigned. Here is a snippet of the code in question (I think).


} else {
const accessUrl = `https://accounts.spotify.com/authorize?
      window.location = accessUrl;

I even copied the client id from my Spotify dashboard again to ensure it is correct, but no luck.

If anyone can shed some light or need more code, I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

If you paste the whole code we may help you.

export const accessUrl = `${authEndpoint}?client_id=${clientID}&redirect_uri=${redirectUri}&scope=${scopes.join(



Try this snippet instead and make the necessary changes