Missing course part about display and positioning in Front-end engineer path


In the Front-End Engineer Career Path, in Code Challenge: CSS Design there are exercises about position and display properties which do have lessons about them in the Learn CSS course but those parts weren’t added to the front-end engineer path meaning it’s asking about subjects that weren’t even learned. Please fix this and add the missing parts to the path.

I’m glad to see someone else noticed this problem. I thought I was losing my mind. I haven’t taken the “Learn CSS” Course. I’ve only been taking the Front-End Engineer Career Path (which I assumed was more thorough, not less thorough). These “challenge” problems ask us to do things that we have never been taught, and the “cheat sheet” doesn’t even mention them, either. It’s incredibly frustrating.

It makes me question the validity of the entire course: How do we know what else we don’t know, if Codecademy erroneously thinks it’s teaching us things that it’s not teaching us? Would Udemy be better? And it looks like you posted this a month ago, and it’s still not fixed.