Missing course in account?


I took a Machine Learning Fundamentals course in 2018, but I see no record of it at all in my account. I still have access to the course’s slack channel, a history of payment is still in my banking history, and my graded final project is still in my Github - how can I get a proof of course completion?

Hey, @johnnypolite welcome to the forums.

I found this this course real quickly. Is this one you have done in the past? If not I would double-check that this is the same account. They also might of removed the course since there is a Machine Learning Engineer Career Path and Data Scientist Machine Learning Career Path coming. Note the dates are wrong.

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Was it one of the now-defunct CC Intensive courses that was ~6 weeks?
(I took a DA and a SQL one around the same timeframe).

The content was most likely folded into other courses/career paths.
If you look on your CC dashboard, can you see the course? OR, click on your profile and you can see a list of courses completed and any available certificates and then print or download the certs from there.


Thanks all! It was, in fact, one of the now defunct Intensive Courses, and it has been folded in to other courses. The issue is that I completed it, but the course or its certificate don’t exist anywhere in my profile. If I didn’t have the slack history, payment history, and final graded project on GitHub, I wouldn’t have any proof I ever took it.

That said, I reached out to Support, and they were great - they’ve emailed me the certificate of completion, so even if my profile itself is still broken, that’s enough to serve my needs.

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