Missing branch in Git Rebase Off-Platform Project

I just tried to complete the Git Rebase Off-Platform Project which seems to have been added fairly recently by Codecademy (nice have some GitHub content for that matter!).

The exercise refers to 2 branches in the GitHub repo, part_1_Monday and part_2_Monday. However, if I’m not mistaken, there is no part_1_Monday in the repo and therefore it’s not possible to proceed with the rebasing.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 10.29.46

What my Terminal says after entering the commands:

I want to make sure I’m not the one doing something wrong before submitting a bug.


I’m inclined to agree with you here, I can’t find any trace of the part_1 branch and the part2 branch has already been merged with main so there’s nothing left to do in this example.


I also only see part_2_Monday. As far as I can tell the clone is missing the part_1 branch.

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It looks to me that they (Codecademy) did not block the ability to push changes to the GitHub repository for this project. Someone completed the project locally and then pushed their changes to the GitHub repo. I guess the repo was set to automatically accept it, or someone accidentally approved the change. In its current state, it is not possible to complete this project.

I am also reporting this as a bug.


Doing this now and the problem seems to be fixed.

However, something that has confused me is the difference between the screenshots in the guide and what appears in terminal.

My output is the same as the video tutorial at the end of the article, but I don’t quite understand one crucual thing.

Why is the origin/part_1_Monday branch not rebased, what do I need to do in order to get it cleaned up with the origin branches?

I don’t quite get the origin brances…

In my case I missed to uncheck the box


Thanks! I missed this 3 times :laughing:

Thanks for this. It would be nice for them to highlight to do this in the project outline!


I checked the comments of the video walkthrough for the project, and it was only after someone mentioned that the “Copy the main branch only” option needs to be unchecked that it worked for me. Otherwise, it didn’t show the other remotes.
It would definitely help users who are unfamiliar with Git / GitHub to know how to complete the assignment. The video walkthrough doesn’t address it.

So I don’t even see the Monday part 1 or part 2. I just see the README.md and the ‘The little black fish part 1’ and 2. That made the lesson a bit confusing.

Did somebody already merge or rebase the branch? I don’t see any part 1 Monday or part 2.

Thank you, I totally missed it.

Thank you for important part where we have to uncheck the ‘Copy the main branch’ checkbox.

I also noticed that we have to copy the HTTPS link and paste it in the terminal instead of using SSH.

Type git clone <paste HTTPS link here> in your terminal and press ENTER.

It seems to work that way.

Hello, i’ve just completed this project by forking the repository and rebasing the branch on my local repo. i am wondering how do you push back to remote repo after its been rebased? I’m getting this error:
$ git push -f origin part_1_Monday part_1_Monday
Username for ‘https://github.com’: nd
Password for ‘https://[email protected]’:
error: dst ref refs/heads/part_1_Monday receives from more than one src
error: failed to push some refs to ‘GitHub - el-protoman/practice-rebase-off-platform-project