Missing an explanation in React/Props suggestion - easy fix/add

Hello! Big Codecademy fan. Recently, a lesson had me incredibly confused - Object destructuring with props. I noticed in the lesson:


it explains props and object destructuring. This was very confusing in this lesson to understand the object destructuring because I don’t think it was pointed out well enough that in a React function component you cannot throw any arguments in you want - you specifically are always destructuring from the PROPS OBJECT. And passing in a parameter here is not like normal vanilla JavaScript destructuring because despite whatever you name something, this argument will be interpreted as a props object. (Or in this case, will be destructuring from the props object)

As I am a student and have only been studying JavaScript seriously for 2 years, I’m not sure if what I asserted was 100% on point, but I hope this makes enough sense an experienced coder can give a pointer to beginners in the lesson. Maybe a sentence akin to:
In this React function component, unlike in vanilla JavaScript, the argument is the prop object so we are destructuring from props.

Just some sort of delineation so we aren’t confused that this is a standard type of destructuring we would do in a vanilla function component - it has a different context. (but the same method)

ChatGPT gave me this pointer that I thought was explained well:
In React, the specific behavior of automatically associating the passed-in argument with the props object is a feature specific to functional components and is a convention used by React.

Thank you for your time. : )