(Misleading advertisement) Lack of accesss to previously endured material as PRO

Not having access to previously endured material seems like selling castles in the sky.
It’s a core principle in education and epistemology in general that to be able to have success in a topic, one must review, revisit, and re-check the object of learning, and if we can’t do that after our memberships end, you are not educating at all, no one. You are making customers with an educational allure, but it is a mirage of one year; you should specify we will not have access to what we pay; one better can buy valuable something that we can review after or when needed to learn. I feel like this was just air, and there are people like me who can’t afford another year, at least not currently. Do you know how Argentinian Pesos are? Have you any idea of something apart from Manhattan? This isn’t a live class in which we go and a teacher guides live, spending his time to teach something; this model is more like a course/book; we pay not for a live class; this is already created, and it’s correct to pay for your jobs, but I’m not taking time to anyone to live explain my doubts or anything, this format is more like an exercise book than a Live Class. It seems you have conceived your business model as an online school, which is not. This is more like a dynamic book of coding exercises.

There are no clear credentials rendered publicly to us of the ability to teach, and as well, in the topic thought, there’s no validation or external approval of the Syllabus, among other stuff, which makes this more like an intellectual property, which is not wrong, like a book. Still, we can’t even review it later; just a costly loan, by the way.

Disappointed, I request access to the content that I already endure, nothing more, nothing less; you can take the certificates if you want in exchange for something with real value as access to stuff I need to review again.

Howdy @ssmiguel :wave:
I’m sorry you feel this way. Personally I’m just a community member so I can’t do much in the long run, but was there something about the advertisement that made it seem like you’d keep content access after the time ran out?
I don’t think it’s very feasible from a business standpoint to sell permanent access to content online, given you have server costs, the costs of upkeep, you have to pay employees. Any schooling I’ve used online was structured about the same way. I think it’s difficult with an online course, because you have to host yourself, versus a physical book you can send to someone.

But I do understand your dilemma. I’ve actually never been able to afford PRO in the time I’ve been here. I’d recommend continuing to pursue programming outside of PRO. There are a lot of free tools and resources, and (from personal experience) I’ve found you can learn a lot combining those with a healthy amount of practice.