Mir's Portfolio!

or check out the code here - GitHub - Mirthomasson/Mir-Thomasson-Portfolio: My Portfolio Project to feature my work.
This project took me around a week, but I am so relieved to have it finished to provide when applying to potential jobs.
Thanks for taking a look, I am open to any and all feedback!


I love your page!! So clean and the javscript functionality is super cool.

Thanks @sarahroeslerr , I am hoping to add more functionality :grin:

Your portfolio is the best one I’ve seen so far. You have a great eye for design and plus you can code. You are the perfect front end developer. Someone like you who created such a beautiful and functional portfolio website, I would love your set of eyes to review mine. You honestly inspire me, that’s how I want my design skills to be. The JavaScript functionality is everything!!

Thank you Tahja.
I followed a tutorial on YouTube to build my portfolio,
I will share it with you.


Oh wait, so you used React?

Yes, I really like working with react

Send you’ve finished the career path then. Are you working as a front end developer now?

Not yet
I have been applying places and working on freelance website builds for people

How did you get gifs for freelancing?

Just talking to friends and family about what I was doing

This is excellent work!

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Wow!! Amazing work :slight_smile:

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Hi Miranda awesome work.

Thats a great use of React I did mine by hand would use React and Figma after I end my front-career path to improve it.

best of lucks on your career,

Hey Niko,
I really love react, and am still getting used to Figma.
Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


Awesome portfolio! So modern, clean, and aesthetically pleasing! Some would say not to use animations unless you’re trying to direct the user to something, but I think you’ve done it in a way that flows with the overall design. Super cool!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Very cool! Nice and clean and nice little gimmicks. I like the navigation.

Wow, this art of work and this is a case study and what you did with React is fundamental thanks for sharing the youtube video even if you didn’t innovate it but still an art of work congrats.

Thanks sanisinasser! :slight_smile: