Minor problems with the deploy a website's bash shell


the new build and deploy a website thing is cool but not even one third of the way in im having problems with this bash environment. it seems to understand basic commands ( in this case cd personal-website) but it doesn't seem to under stand the concept of a wild card ( a wild card is a * put at the end of a long command for example cd personal-website can be shortened to cd person*) the bash shell recognize almost all Linux/bash commands but the thing trying to teach you doesn't expect a wild card. witch if your a dedicated Linux user like my self you will use as part of second nature. now these are only the problems i have found that concern your bash shell witch is a pretty well done. but im here to help make your training as good as i can. now for problems with the environment in witch we learn. the bash shell doesn't always load and confused the heck out of me for a minute until i opened my terminal (also bash) and typed gem install jekyll and got a command not found. (how ever there is a listing under apt list jeky* but its outdated version 2.2.1 of debian 8) in conclusion your bash shell works amazing every command i try works well i can make directories and show my pwd but the way it interacts with the site seems to have flaws. i know its new and bugs are to be expected this just seemed to be the best way to bring theses flaws to light. other than that i enjoy all your courses and keep up the good work! if any one would like to share things i missed please go ahead and if i made a mistake feel free to correct me!


It really is bash, wildcards should work just fine.

On your local machine? Sounds like you'll want to install ruby first.

I'm getting that too in chromium, but not firefox. The site usually works just fine on chromium, could be one of my extensions.. no idea.


not sure what to do to progress in the lesson