💡 Mining COVID-19 data

Just wow! The power of data science is amazing. Yahoo News reports: “In a roundup published on the ArXiv preprint server this week, researchers from Seattle’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Research and other partners in the project say CORD-19’s collection has risen from about 28,000 papers to more than 52,000.”
“CORD-19 aims to make sense of them all, using the Semantic Scholar academic search engine developed by the Allen Institute for AI, also known as AI2.”
The good news is that a new crop of data search and visualization tools have flowered in the fertile field of CORD-19 meta-analysis. Here’s a sampling:

If you are into data science, you are in luck. Lots of analysis, visualization and organization tools are being made publicly available to help researchers. Lots of data bases too. I’d love to know if anyone here is involved in projects. The article said about 550 teams from the Kaggle online community are helping! Makes me want to join in :smiley:

Link to full article: https://news.yahoo.com/software-tools-mining-covid-19-201114891.html