Mini Reddit Browser

Hello everyone,

I finished this project after one week. I started using pure React, and got it almost finished. Then I noticed how difficult it is to keep track of the props, states, and functions, that I decided to switch to React-Redux. At the beginning I was in trouble because I noticed that I really didn’t understand Redux all too well, but after getting small tasks done I noticed that I started to understand the idea for once. I managed to finish it, but had many details to fix. So, I saw the example project and got it fixed looking at that code. I used Tailwind CSS and Headless UI combobox component. I think it turned out alright. From the example code, I learned to use the moment library to calculate how long the Post was uploaded. Also, I learned how to organize better the slices and reducers and fixed some problems lookig at it.

Anyway, here is my code repository:

Also, you can check it out working in Netlify:

Thanks for reading,


Really good job on it.

Looks really good and works fine!

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

Well done! Very intuitive.

Feel free to check mine out also…

RedLite - Live Version

RedLite - Repo

Looks great! And works great too! Unless you use Firefox. There is a CORS problem in the search box and Subreddits list. I have the same issue in mine too. It seems like it’s a Firefox issue. But in Chrome, everything is working great. Loved the Light or Dark theme option.

What exactly do you mean by CORS problem? I tried it on Firefox also and didn’t see any issue… am I missing something?

It must be a setting in my Firefox installation, then. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for letting me know.
CORS means “Cross-origin resource sharing”. It is a mechanism that allows restricted resources on a webpage to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the first resource was served. I thought that maybe the Reddit API was restricting the access, but it is the browser that restricts cross-origin resource sharing.