Mini Linter Project

Wow. This took longer than I thought it would. Here’s my code for the Mini Linter Project:

I solved it the first time, but then came across this topic, asking for feedback on the same project. I realized there was a lot I could improve in my code, and I set out to do it.

This time I made an effort to wrap the fuctionality inside functions and to store the information inside an object. I might have traded the original simplicity for a bit more complexity but I think I made the code more reusable.

Is there a way I could improve the code, make it more readable or more efficent? I’d love to hear from the community. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And I’m super open to reviewing other learners’ code. So share your code as well. I’m sure there’s plenty we can learn from each other.

Happy Coding.

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