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I have just finished the Mini Linter project and my code is working; however, I wrote the following function to eliminate the need for three console logs and I get and undefined at the end of my log and I don’t understand why. Thank you in advance for help or comments.

//when I use this function it works but I get an undefined on line 41 or the console.log?
let overusedLog = (reallyCount, veryCount, basicallyCount) => {
console.log(Really Count = ${reallyCount});
console.log(Very Count = ${veryCount});
console.log(Basically Count = ${basicallyCount});

console.log(overusedLog(reallyCount, veryCount, basicallyCount)); //function returns all overused words and undefined.

link to code:

There are four calls to console.log there, if it’s supposed to write three things, then what is the fourth doing?

@ionatan, thank you very much for taking the time to review my code. Your question was perfect, one that made me think yet sent me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

//overusedLog(reallyCount, veryCount, basicallyCount); //function returns all overused words.

Thanks again,


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