Mini-Linter codereview

Hi there!

I’ve finished the Mini-linter project within the Full-Stack Path. I’ve tried to generalise everything as far as possible, so my code does not rely on the content of overusedWords. Do you see any issues with my implementation or any possibilities for improvement?

Try to pick some of the words in the story randomly and change them also randomly with other words from an another array.

Something even more interesting would be writing a function that tries to figure out if the picked word from story is a verb, an adjective or a name. :slight_smile:

For the first one i already have an idea. But the second one? Phew…

For the second I could think of two main ways:

  • creating a logic that uses grammar rules in order to figure out what the word is based on its context (elements before and after it).
  • creating objects containing arrays with list of words categorized on what they are and then simply look up if the current word that was picked is included in that list.