Hi my name is Beau and i just had a quick question about java and hopefully about computers in general.

should i be thinking of this like a math problem but with just words? I am on boolean operators but i have noticed i could use numbers to make things true or false along with just typing just true or false.

The programming language it-self is like a math problem. You get errors and you solve them using some method, create algorithms (like you do in math), and so on…

So yes you can think of not only “Java” But the whole programming language as a Math Problem it self.

Amauel2 Thank you very much

Sorry to butt in, however you should not be thinking of programming as a math problem. Rather, find the connection between the two. Both programming and mathematics work on the basis of algorithms so you should be thinking about both algorithmically, not programatically or mathematically respectfully.

Go step by step, and solve to the end of the problem.

Using numbers instead of words is not thinking algorithmically but rather discovering synonymous function.

1 = true,
0 = false,
in other words.