Migrate the code from codeacademy ide to vs code ide

Hi everyone,
I’m new to codeacademy. I’ve done the "Race Day " project in codeacademy IDE the I copy and paste in VS code.
But the result are not similar. In codeacademy it works but in vs code it is not working. I use node file.js and it give me wrong out.
Can someone help me? Why it give me the wrong output?

codecademy adds in several node.js extensions that you may need to install in your local environment to work. Also be sure that in VSCode that you have the correct VS Code extenions enabled.

With very few exceptions, any Codecademy content that does not explicitely declare as being “off-site” projects will not work as expected when moving the projects offsite, because they often require extensions, back-end tools, or files that are present in the Codecademy IDE but not visible to you, the user.

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