MiddleWare Express - Problems with editor



I am doing this component of the Intensive ‘Build API’s from scratch’ course and have run into a problem.
When being asked to edit code, the cursor is jumping to the very top of the program on an intermittent basis, which makes doing the exercises very difficult.

I can verify that it doesn’t happen when doing the earlier exercises.

I’m running Windows 10 and Chrome.

I’ve logged a bug request, but has anyone else come across this, if so do you have a work-around?




Please refer to your Advisor or the Slack channel for your collaborative group. We are not privy to intensive courses, so therefore cannot help with anything comparable to wherewithal. Whomever might have come up with the idea that these forums were where to come, they were mistaken. Sorry.


I have the same problem. I am doing standard learn express course. Please help.



Only solution to editor problem was to use an external editor like visual studio or even notepad (windows), Emacs or even good old ‘vi’ can help.

I found that bug seriously reduced my enjoyment of the course. Good luck with it.


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Same problem in the Express course on both pc / mac Safari / Chrome / & Firefox.


Same problem. Cursor jumping to the top in the Express course. Mac Chrome.


Same problem here too. It makes me write code slower and more thoughtful, but I also lose my concentration. Super frustrating bug!



You’re barking up the wrong tree. Use communication channels associated with those courses.