Middit - A Reddit App

Hello Everyone!

I create this react project called Middit (Miyano + Reddit).

This project is both quite interesting and challenging, which cost me almost two weeks to finish it.

I use Figma to design my own project at first. Then I use react, redux and other knowledge in this section to construct this project.

Middit is a website made with React that helps people find and read content from different subreddits. You can use Middit to look up subreddits you like and see the most popular posts related to them. You can also read comments from other users. Middit is easy to use and a great way to just browse some content on Reddit.

Github Repository

Feedback is always welcome!


Really love all the functionalities you’ve added - mobile menu, scroll to top, read more, sleep, different content display and my favorite one - the comments nesting.

Congratulations on a successful project!

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Thank you for your kind comment!
I am very happy to receive love from you for my project!

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