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This is my code, but its giving me a syntax error expected ':' what did I do wrong help please!!!!

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var answer = prompt("My bucketlist")
switch("Bucket list") {
case 'Travel to maldives'
console.log("It's a beautiful place, clear water!");
case 'Jump on a cupcake'
console.log("unleash your wild!");
case 'Have a family'
console.log("Who I can spend my time with and travel to disneyland");
console.log("Should I jump on a cupcake or a cheezy pizza!")

this is my code its says syntaxerror expected ":"


you execute the switch statement over a string:

switch("Bucket list") {

are you sure of this? the prompt stores the result in the variable answer, so that is what i would execute the switch statement on

this line:

case 'Travel to maldives'

missing : after the case:

case 'Travel to maldives':

same for all other cases.

default is missing a break. and the } is missing to close the switch statement


you were absolutely right! thank you :slight_smile: