Mid 20's Something Looking to Switch Career! Need Guidance!

Hi Everyone,

I’m from the UK and I’m 27.

This may be my last chance to really switch career whilst I’m3 still youthful.

Time is of the essence, i attended university studying video game design after being scared to touch programming and then had to stop in my third year due to mum getting ill. I returned home and worked in a prison for 2 years before becoming her full time carer.

She is getting better but i dont want to go back to the prison job!

My dream was to be a video game programmer but as mentioned was too nervous and scared off by my first lesson of c++.

im doing well with the python 3 course and have gained much confidence with coding so far.

What path should i follow ?

i’m mainly looking for something realistic at first, i know everyone will say go towards game dev but I’m open to anything coding as it really does interest me now i have the hang of it.

It is never to late to start a career path. My grandma went to law school at 40 years old and practiced law for 30 years. Just do not be afraid to learn new things.