Microsoft Visual Studio code

Hi, I just downloaded “Visual Studio Code” by Microsoft and wanted to configure the color themes to match those of “Codecademy”.



Hi @spamail00000,

If you’re asking about the color code “Codecademy” use, you can basically check the color code through the browser. In Chrome, you can right click inspect element, from the info displayed, find the corresponding CSS element such as background-color: #34B3A0. For example the button “Reply” in this discuss forum is color coded with #34B3A0 color as background, that is one way how you figure out the colors. You can do this on through different browsers as well, not necessarily Chrome. :slight_smile:


I was wondering about the “font colors” also.

any idea?

Same thing. Just highlight the element you want, then inspect that element. For example, if you want to know the font color of this Topic title, I would highlight Microsoft Visual Studio then right click inspect element and then I can find the color code under the styles section:

#topic-title h1 a {
  color: #163142;