Micropython for young coders (brick games) course request/suggestion

The Lego brand released a couple of years ago two flavours of the same robotics board: Mindstorms 51515 (for at home learning) and Spike Prime (for academic learning). Both systems support two types of programming: Scratch-like and Micropython (Python 3.4 standard).

The Micropython code allows for complex programs like scanning a Rubiks Cube and solving it, all under 2 minutes.

There is little teaching material available to learn Micropython in structured and simple manner as it is available on CodeAcademy. I think that a course for learning Micropython specific for the aforementioned platform would be an amazing way for young coders-to-be to discover and have fun with coding and establish a strong foundation.

Here is some solid basic info I found:

Hope others will find that useful.

My bests to all