Methods II Error

I keep getting an error message on part 3 of the Methods II lesson, and I am not sure why. It tells me to type:

System.out.println("Your dog ran " + feet + " feet!")

inside of the run method so I do. Here is what I type, including the method I am putting it in:

public void run(int feet) {
    System.out.print1n("Your dog ran " + feet + " feet!");

However it gives me an error saying: error: cannot find symbol
    System.out.print1n("Your dog ran " + feet + " feet!");
  symbol:   method print1n(String)
  location: variable out of type PrintStream
1 error

What am I doing wrong? The code is exactly the same, including the spaces after and before the phrases. I must be missing something.

println… with an l, not a 1

hm the l in the code font is almost to identical to a 1. Thanks.

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