Methods: I... What am I doing wrong here?

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong here… any tips?

What you’d do here is study the error message, note that something doesn’t exist, and which that something is (says in the error)
Then, refer back to what you meant to do, compare to the outcome, you’d see the code “means” the right thing but is incorrectly type, which is now a simple matter of looking up what was supposed to be typed for that. A visit to documentation to obtain what it should say, in other words.
Somewhat gentler reading would be to refer back to where you were told how to do that

it’s a trivial error, solved near automatically. That does still involve at least the first few steps of the above description

Thanks for laying out a good process for me to fix mistakes in the future! I appreciate it.

Any chance, this time, you could write out what the code is supposed to be? I’ve looked and honestly can’t see the mistake.

You already have that in the instructions.

Your error message tells you there is no print1n
So you’d look again at what you’d use, either in the instructions which have an example for what you mean to do, or googling, or directly in System.out’s type’s docs

:+1: Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

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