I dont need help with anything specific because most of everything I need help with specifically is still hard for me to grasp at times. I have been learning to code since the beginning of this year. Specifically in JS. However I have watched multiple YT videos watched along side people who are programmers and software engineers. I even bought a tutor. I have no idea why… but most of this stuff I am not grasping all that well. And I really REALLY want to be a software engineer. Its almost like I get the concepts and sometimes the reasoning in some of the statements and expressions at times. But then I don’t get it. I purchased a book called Eloquent JS. And most of the book is math (which I hate) and I have a hard time understanding what is even being talked about in the examples given. I try and google and try to find metaphors to help out with what Im being taught but nothing. I feel like thats my last resort. I need it broken down in a way I can understand. Is their anyone that knows a great teacher that breaks this stuff down in to metaphors that I can understand?

I’m not sure if there’s a perfect solution, but if you have any questions about specific topics (e.g. functions), then I’m sure the forums would be happy to help…

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