Met with my CEO today to walk him through my first portfolio project

And he really liked it! I have been giving him updates on my progress and have relayed to him my goal to be taken on as a junior developer and after today he told me that that may happen much sooner than I think.

It was great to get feedback on my code from someone extremely knowledgable, mentioning little things like → checking to see if an event listener had already been initiated to make sure that I’m not compounding that event listener a million times (if this was scaled to that extent) and potentially causing slowdown. Or different ways to approach problems that come with experience.

I guess I just feel validated about the sleepless nights debugging and refactoring code… over 200 commits just for this small project! I definitely fell victim to the cascade unfortunately, but my focus for this was definitely more on JS. I am looking forward to frameworks. My CEO specifically mentioned he wanted me to start experimenting with db storage and persistence, so I might jump ahead and look into that… I already have a decent experience with MySQL, so I’m excited to jump in.

Here’s the project:

The Jargon and Grammar replacements are actually specific to my companies styleguide, so there’s no info on what they actually do atm unless you worked for my company. I’m probably putting a pause on this though so I can move back to my learning progression.

Though this project has been extremely helpful in learning.


That’s excellent! I’m so glad to hear things are going well! Keep up the good work!



Looks amazing!