Messed up linking git, can I get a do over

Hello All,

I started my Colmar Academy project and wanted to push it to git, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it correctly even though I followed the steps.

What I want to know is can I scrap the initial attempt and just do a fresh one? If so, how?

Also, when adding to Git, is there a way to add the HTML and CSS together or do they have to be added separately and committed separately?

Thanks for the help.


depends, first you should see what actually happened:

git log

I can help you if you show the output of that command.

you could then reset to an earlier commit, and do a force push. But that depends on what you have currently and what you want to do.

you can do:

git add index.html
git add style.css

which will add both files to staging area, which you can then commit and push. You can even bundle this in one command:

git add index.html style.css

or use git add . to add everything.

We had a power outage and when I re-opened my git bash git log didn’t show anything. Is there a way to just start fresh?

commits you have done should certainly still exist. You did make a commit? Please provide output you have of the commands you run + output, so i can gain better insight in the problem.