Messaging with Alexa is not supported on this device. You can use the Alexa app instead

I am using a mac book to learn building alexa skills, i am trying to build my 1st skill hello code academy.

I am tried testing the same using Alexa simulator provided on Alexa developer console under test tab. But i am unable to test, i continuously get an error “Messaging with Alexa is not supported on this device. You can use the Alexa app instead.”

What am i doing wrong? Is there s a setting that i need to turn on mac or is it something else?


I’m getting same error on macBook Pro “Messaging with Alexa is not supported on this device. You can use the Alexa app instead.”

I get the same issue.

did you find a solution?

Don’t give up! The systems are changing rapidly to allow for updates. I had the same error message coming up. I think I found a solution. Not sure exactly what worked but I did a few steps that resulted in initiation. I did install the Alexa app and then shut it down. I don’t think this is a useful system response.

-I initiated a new skill so that I could start over. On the bottom of the first page, (Amazon Sign-In) I selected “provision your own” in section 2. This was likely necessary because the first option is Alexa-hosted node.js and we are using a custom endpoint.

-In Intents menu, I changed the name of the existing HelloWorldIntent to HelloIntent. The pre-existing intent has the same Utterances which resulted in a conflict.

In the Test tab:
-try typing “codecademy” to see if the results are different from the error message.
mine came up with info about the website.
-type in the invocation name (first, last) and it should say Welcome to Codeacademy
You may have to type this in before stating “tell (first, last)'s code academy hello”
if it is sayin “I don’t know that” then you’re probably on the right track.

-In the interfaces menu I toggled the switch to allow audio player interface. Humm?

-I also changed the skill invocation name to my full name. I am not sure if that was part of the problem or not. It does say it needs to be at least two words and technically most letters are not words.

-don’t forget to use the Build Model button for each edit. When switching between menus you may loose the changes if you don’t.

Let me know if this works for you!

Hi there, I was getting the same error, what I did was change the skill invocation name, I used my full last name instead of just the initial, and then it works!

Don’t forget to save all changes and click on build model before testing.

I hope this help you :slight_smile: