Message to moderators about codecademy python Class lessons


I speak as a beginner of Python, learning it from Codecademy, and now I am up to learning classes.
I will tell, the previous course, Introduction to Classes was very confusing and useless, and didn't explain the importance or significance of classes, etc., and it made us type things very robotically, without understanding. However, the next course, Classes, does everything what the introduction to classes course does, but it actually explains step by step the significance, roles, and parts of a class. Introduction to classes, however, was very vague, and added only to confusions.

So my suggestion: to mostly eliminate the course introduction to classes, because it was extremely confusing, and I only survived it, and went through all the lessons by someone explaining to me me how classes work, which is exactly what the Classes course does.

The regular Classes course has everything practically that the introduction course has, but more, in explaining the significance, as it goes through lessons by lesson, part of class by part, explaining role and significance of part in each lesson. Now that is what all the courses of Codecademy excelled at, and that is what makes Codecademy an amazing source.

Why this sudden confusing Introduction to classes, that ignores all the parts that makes Codecademy so amazing?

So, to save future students, I suggest eliminating this Introduction to Classes course, and only the first lesson of that course, that generalizes the uses of classes.

Don't think I am a lone student who is expressing this opinion. My whole computer science class at school, and I have talked to other Codecademy users, all agree with me, and express their confusion at that strange, confusing course, that lacks the ideals of a great codecademy course

Like, comment, or reply if you agree that you found this to be true for yourself.


I agree... I am now on that course and I don't undrestand anything...


I think this must depend on every person. The first lesson "Introduction to classes" was cristal clear to me and the second lesson too, except for the last part about inheritance where I struggled a bit...


I came to the Q&A forum specifically to offer these same suggestions. Intro to Classes was a huge waste of time in light of the clarity of the Classes lesson. Oh well. I guess they are going to be overhauling their Python tutorials anyway.


I fully, in 100% agree with Davidkovic. "Introduction to classes" was hard to understand and confusing. And indeed, it was a waste of time. The chapter "Classes", however, is absolutely clear.


Completely agree!

Maybe instead of deleting the previous version, start with this second one or merge the two. I was very confused at the “intro to classes” lesson.