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Could you please help me as i have problem in step 11. It said i have syntax error, i checked it many times but i didn’t see any error. COuld someone help me ? I attached my Terminal screenshot.


// Import the encryptors functions here.
const {caesarCipher(), symbolCipher(),reverseCipher()} = require('./ encryptors.js')

const encodeMessage = (str) => {
 // Use the encryptor functions here.

const decodeMessage = (str) => {
 // Use the encryptor functions here.
 return caesarCipher(symbolCipher(reverseCipher(str)), -6);

// User input / output.

const handleInput = (userInput) => {
 const str = userInput.toString().trim();
 let output;
 if (process.argv[2] === 'encode') {
   output = encodeMessage(str);
 if (process.argv[2] === 'decode') {
   output = decodeMessage(str);
 process.stdout.write(output + '\n');

// Run the program.
process.stdout.write('Enter the message you would like to encrypt...\n> ');
process.stdin.on('data', handleInput);


By your error message, the unexpected token is a comma.

This means that the compiler is getting a comma either where none should be, or where it was expecting another token (like a parenthesis or bracket, for example).

I would particularly check your function calls (look out for multiple arguments and parenthesis is my tip), particularly around the lines the error suggests.

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