Message Mixer Project

Hello Codecademy community,

I am working my way through Section 7 - Intermediate JavaScript, and am a bit stumped on the Modules portion with the Message Mixer project. I understand the project and it works in the sandbox area on the website and will see the output of the console.log. However, it seems if I copy the files to my local web server, IIS, I see the following error in Chrome’s console:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'export’

After a Google search, I found several articles to have type="module when including the messageMixer.js in a web page (to see the results): So my code is,

<script src=“messageMixer.min.js” type="module>

When I have type="module, the error goes away and Chrome’s console is blank.

How do I see the console.log text in Chrome console when importing/exporting modules?

Any shed of light on this matter will be appreciated.



This may not help, but, would it work if you closed the quotation marks?

<script src="messageMixer.min.js" type="module">

instead of:


Thanks for your response and for catching the missing end quote. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve my issue. I did an experiment and removed the export code in messageMixer.js and moved the displayMessage function and its call from message.js to messageMixer.js. Making this change shows the results in Chrome’s console, but obviously, the lesson here is to separate your code :grinning:



Thank you for showing such gratitude to the Codecademy Community. We are here to support and help you. But, I have to ask did you get your problem fixed, or did you get it fixed by separating your code? If you would like help please get back to me at @milesmccracken. Your Response would be appreciated. Thanks again, Miles.


Thank you for your welcoming and support. I didn’t get my problem fixed the correct way using import and export. I only got it to work my placing all the code in one file, which defeats the purpose. My Chrome browser version is 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit) and says it is up to date. I am happy to share my code with you. Is there a better way than just pasting the code into the message? Are there tags to use to make the code stands out.

I look forward to your reply.



I have continued with the next project - Workaround, and I get the same results as the Message Mixer when copying the project files to my localhost.