Message generator: motivational message

Hey guys this is my github repositorie for this project, also I copied the code if you can not open the repositorie. I will apreciate some feedback. Thanks!:

code below******************

const message_components = [
[“Hello, you”, “Good morning, you”, “Hi, you”, “Hey, you”, “Heyah, you”],
[“are”, “will be”, “have been”, “were”, “would be”],
[“awesome.”, “amazing.”, “perfect.”, “excelent.”, “great.”],
[“Good bye”, “See you”, “Bye!”, “Blessings”, “God bless you”]];

function random_component(array){
let random_index = Math.floor(Math.random()*5);
return array[random_index];

function message_generator(array){
let array_message =;
return array_message.join(’ ')